1. Are there any discounts for large orders?


2. Do you offer delivery or catering services?

3. How is the tea and boba packaged? 

    The tea is packaged in a gallon bottle and the boba is packed in a separate container. 


4. How many servings per gallon?

    One gallon serves between 10 (16 oz.) drinks with no boba or 13 (16 oz.) drinks with boba

5. Can I adjust the sweetness level of the tea?

    Yes, you have the option of standard sweetness, 75% sweetness, 50% sweetness, or 25% sweetness

6. What is included with my order?

     Cups, lids, straws, and ice are included upon request. 

7. How is my order packaged for transportation? 

    You can provide your own ice chests to the pickup location 1 day prior your pickup date or you can rent 

    Cha's 48-Quart Ice Chests.