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Fundraise with Cha For Tea!

Student Fundraiser


Calling all fundraising enthusiasts! Get ready to make a difference while sipping on the most delicious boba tea in town. Introducing Fundraise with Cha For Tea! We are proud to pledge 20% of all pre-tax food and boba tea sales brought in during your event to support your cause.


Imagine sipping on our refreshing boba tea, surrounded by friends and supporters, all while making a positive impact. It's the perfect recipe for a successful and enjoyable fundraising event!

Not only will you be making a positive impact in your community, but you'll also be treating yourself to the best cup of boba tea around. Indulge in our wide variety of flavors and let the sweet, chewy pearls transport you to beverage bliss.


So gather your friends, family, and supporters for a fantastic social time while making a difference. Fundraising has never tasted this good! Join us at Cha For Tea and let's create something amazing together.


1. Fill out the form below or contact your local store manager to set up a 2 hour fundraiser for a specific date.
2. Share digital flyer for your fundraiser to friends and family in advance via email or social media.
3. Send out reminder the day before the event.
4. A check for total donations will be processed and you'll receive an email within the next 5 business days to let you know that your check is ready to be picked up.

Long Beach: Calvin 


Irvine (Campus): Lucy


Irvine (Woodbridge): Alphie A. 



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