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Team members are expected to have good attendance and follow all company policies

and requirements regarding Attendance (this is common for Food Service). Attendance

problems or not following procedure (ie.- tardiness, no show, late schedule changes,

etc…) can result in Disciplinary Action including but not limited to: Warnings, loss of

bonus, suspension, or termination.

It is team member’s responsibility to be in uniform and ready to work before the start

time of his or her scheduled shift. If a team member will be late to work- the team

member needs to call and inform the proper Supervisor BEFORE the start time.

In case of serious illness or emergency and the team member cannot show up on time or

work at all- s/he must call the store and inform the proper Supervisor. For Medical

Emergencies or illness- the company will excuse the team member for late or missing

attendance provided the team member follows procedure and provides proper

documentation showing proof of Medical Emergency or illness by next working shift.

Team member’s attendance is vital to every team member’s workload. Team members

are expected to follow all company procedures and policies regarding attendance, time

off requests, and schedule changes. Failure to follow company policies and procedures

can lead to disciplinary action including termination.

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