Customer Aggression During COVID

We can not emphasize enough that when you have customers not wearing face mask or acting aggressively for whatever reason- our #1 priority is SAFETY (for our staff and customers). Therefore, always try to deescalate the situation- offer them a face mask; offer to take their order outside; nicely explain this is required by Health Code and by law, etc.... If we are deescalating the situation while upholding the face mask requirement- most people that are against the face mask will not come back in the future.

If someone is acting aggressively to a point where you are worried about people's safety (ie.- Continuing to yell at us abusively, throwing things around, asking for a fight, etc...)- please call the police department. Better Safe than Sorry. We can not predict what is going on in this person's mind and how violent they will get.

The pandemic is causing a lot of stress for a lot of people- some with mental or psychological problems. This news is the most recent example for air travel- I have to imagine that catching a flight and physically assaulting a flight attendant should point to at least some psychological problems... Southwest Airlines alone experienced 477 cases of customer aggression just between April 8 ~ May 15 (5weeks). This just shows how many people with stress/problems there are out there (and what happens when you pack people into small spaces with a lot of rules and restrictions).

We do NOT think our environment is anywhere near as stressful as air travel- but this should serve as a strong reason why when we encounter face mask problems or aggressive customers- we should also act and make decisions based on SAFETY 1st and deescalate as quickly as possible.

Southwest Airlines flight attendant loses two teeth after passenger assault A union leader wrote a letter Monday asking for support from the airline amid a surge in passenger confrontations. Read in NBC News: Shared from Apple News

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