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Dress Code

Updated: Jul 27

Team members should be in dress code at all times including work time before or after

business hours. Team members must be in full dress code before clocking in.

Team members are expected to dress professionally during work. Manager will

communicate with the team member in unprofessional or inappropriate dress code.


  • Plain solid white shirt with collars, polo-style or dress shirts should be worn.

  • The shirt may be short or long-sleeved, but no sleeveless.

  • A sweater without hood or a jacket may be worn over a shirt in cooler weather and must be solid white, without any design.


  • For team members’ safety, only long pants are allowed at work.

  • Pants must be khaki in professional appearance.

  • Denim (either blue or black), shorts, athletic, stretch-style fabrics, skirts, sweat pants, leggings, pajamas, basketball shorts, boxers, baggie shorts are not acceptable.


  • Team members are expected to wear black leather, no open-toes, oil and water slip resistant shoes at work.

Apron/Name Tag/Visor:

  • Upon hire, each team member will receive two aprons, two name tags, and one visor in good condition.

  • The apron, name tag, and visor must be worn at all times while working, but should not be worn while on a break or meal period.

  • A clean apron is required at the beginning of each shift. A team member needs to request a new apron from the manager if there is any tear or permanent stain on the apron.

  • It is team members’ responsibility to take good care of their aprons and visor. Wash at least weekly with cold water.

Name tags are an essential tool for the growth and success of CHA. They help make customers feel welcome because they can immediately identify who is taking care of them. Each name tag tells the story of CHA and the team member wearing it. Name tags are an excellent way for customers to start up conversations with team members, leading to better interactions and opportunities for sales. If a customer needs to report an employee’s exemplary service, name tags provide an instant identifier for those circumstances. When everyone is wearing a name tag, the positive experiences you share with our customers are boundless.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Team members must follow all reasonable personal grooming standards, including regular bathing and use of deodorant.

  • Hair must be clean and kept back from the face. Any hair band should be pinned up. If the length reaches shoulder, hair must be tied into a clean bun with proper hair accessory.

  • Beard and mustaches must be neat and trimmed.

  • Fingernails should be clean and kept short. Nail polish or artificial nails of any type are not permitted.

  • Bracelets, rings, watch, hand bands are not allowed.

  • Smokers are expected to use mouth wash or mint to clean any scent of cigarette before returning to work.

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