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Schedule and Availability

Team members are expected to work the schedule made by the management.

Team members will have the opportunity to provide their availabilities. Team members need to

follow the Availability Procedure. The management will try to work with the availability provided by the team member provided that the team member follows the procedure and turns in the availability on time; however, there is no guarantee that the management can schedule according to the availability provided. The management will have final decision on scheduling and team members are expected to follow the schedule provided.

Scheduling is mainly based on but not limited to these factors:

~ Business Needs

~ Team member’s Availability

~ What positions the team member knows

~ What shifts the team member knows (such as Opening, Closing, Lunch Rush, etc…)

~ Team member’s ability to handle the shift (speed, experience, skill, knowledge, etc…)

Business needs often change due to various reasons such as- school, seasons, summer/winter

vacations, holidays, etc…

Team members are expected to find out and know the hours they are scheduled to work. Team

members need to follow the store’s procedure for checking and signing work schedules. Not

checking/signing work schedules on time or following procedure can result in disciplinary action including but not limited to Warnings.

Schedule Changes: all schedule changes must be approved by the proper Supervisor of each store (usually the Store Manager) preferably 24 hours in advance. If the schedule change is Not

approved- then the team member is expected to work the scheduled hours.

Time-Off Requests: must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the date of time-off being

requested. All Time-Off Requests are subject to approval by the appropriate Supervisor of each

store- again, this is based on Business Needs. There is No Guarantee that the Time-Off Request

will be approved. Recommendations: a) The earlier the Time-Off Requests submitted, the easier

and more likely it will get approved. b) The more days off being requested, the earlier the

request should be submitted to get approval (don’t wait for the minimum 2weeks required).

Schedule Change Form (Feb_2015)
Download PDF • 115KB

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