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About Us

Cha logo: Yellow Leaf with Gray Stem


We are committed to serving you the BEST boba tea! Our boba and teas are always freshly made. We are happy to customize different drink sweetness before or after your drink is made to ensure that you will get your PERFECT cup of tea from us! Crispy chicken is our most popular snack/entrée item. It is a must-try here! A lot of customers also love our crispy dumplings, beef stew entrée, and curry chicken entrée. We always have FREE SAMPLES of food and drinks available in the store. Feel free to try them all when you visit us!



Established in 1999.Cha is the pioneer 20 years ago first to introduce boba to Orange County. Originated from a 60-year-old retail tea company, Ten Ren's Tea in Taiwan, Cha is committed to introducing Taiwan's popular boba tea to US foodies. Every batch of boba, every cup of tea, and every ounce water is carefully tested and screened before making its way into our cups, and your hands. We believe a perfect cup of boba tea can brighten your day and bring great fulfilling happiness to your heart. We continue to innovate and improve our operation. Our oldest store has gone through 5 major remodelings to improve our quality and efficiency. We created a system to allow consistent adjustment for your preference. We have the most advanced bar in the boba industry providing the most consistent boba teas to accompany The Best Boba for you. We truly wish our efforts turn into your happiness!

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