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Cha Boba Bar

Various boba drinks in colorful cups with straws at a festive party.

Make your special event even more memorable with

cha FOR TEA's delicious boba tea.

We offer a wide variety of flavors and options that cater to all occasions. Whether you're in Long Beach or Irvine, our convenient locations make it easy for you to enjoy our refreshing beverages.


Don't miss out on the perfect addition to your event - choose cha FOR TEA!

Boba Tea Bar
Event Guest Holding Up Boba Tea Cup
Self-Serving Boba Tea Bar

Let us make your event Chatastic!

Your family and friends will love you for it!

Serve Your Favorite Tea

CHA Gallons & Toppings (Topping serving spoon is not included.)

Anchor 1

1 gallon makes 10 (16 oz.) drinks.

Cups, lids, straws, and ice are included upon request.

Iced Tea
Price per Gallon
Milk Tea
Price per Gallon
Prices per serving
Jasmine Green Tea
Classic Black Milk Tea
Egg Pudding
Peach Refresher
Taro Milk Tea
Aloe Vera
Peach Green Tea
Thai Milk Tea
Fruit Jelly
Peach Passion Green Tea
Honey Green Milk Tea
RBS Boba
Mango Green Tea
Almond Black Milk Tea

Rentals Available

Please Note:

  • Rentals must be requested 1 week in advance.

  • Ice Chests are recommended for large orders (6+ gallons)

  • A one time non-refundable disinfection fee will be added for each rental item.

Rental Fee
Deposit Fee
1.75 Gallon Dispenser
$12.50/ each
$20.00/ each
B-O-B-A Letter Marquee
48 Gallon Ice Chest
$10.00/ each
$30.00/ each

CHA Appetizer Trays

Crispy Platter

CRISPY PLATTER (Serves 5 ~ 6)

Choose any 6 fried appetizers

  • Crispy Chicken

  • Orange Chicken (not available for campus location)

  • Crispy Tofu

  • Crispy Dumplings (5pc)

  • Sweet Potato Fries

CRISPY CHICKEN (Serves 7 ~ 8)

Includes your choice of steamed rice, egg noodles, or salad

CRISPY DUMPLINGS (25pc) (Serves 7 ~ 8)

(Plates/bowls are not included. Utensils available upon request)

The Events Department hours of operation are Monday ~ Thursday from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

If your order is a few weeks/months away, please submit your form and our event order specialist will contact you. We always try our best to respond as soon as possible.

For orders placed on Thursday after 4 PM, we will contact you on the following Monday. If you need immediate assistance, please contact your local Cha directly.

Submit your order/inqury >>> 

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