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Let Cha For Tea be part of your special event!

Whether it's a Wedding, Baby Shower, Company Party, Club Social, or a Simple Day With Loved Ones.

Boba Tea Bar
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Self-Serving Boba Tea Bar
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boba cup

Let us make your event Chatastic!

Your family and friends will love you for it!

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CHA Gallon -- 1 gallon makes 10 (16 oz.) drinks. 10 Cups, lids, straws and 1 ice bag are included per gallon upon request.

(Teas are served in a gallon bottle. Drink dispensers are available for rental upon availability.)

Serve Your

Favorite Tea

Iced Tea

Mango Green Tea            Peach Passion Green Tea    Jasmine Green Tea            

Peach  Green Tea 

Peach Refresher


Iced Milk Tea   

Black Milk Tea 


Honey Green Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea



Caffeine Free

Honey Rosebud 


Toppings (per serving)*


Fruit Jelly



* Serving spoon not included.


Rentals Available

2.2 Gallon Dispenser



1.75 Gallon Dispenser








2.2 Gal Dispenser


B-O-B-A Letter Marque



48 Gallon Ice Chest







BOBA Marquee

Good for the Environment and No Clutter at Home!

** A one time non-refundable disinfection fee will be added for each rental item.

1.75 gal drink dispensers
boba cup

CHA Appetizer Trays

Crispy Platter

CRISPY PLATTER (Serves 5 ~ 6)

Choose any 6 fried appetizers

  • Crispy Chicken

  • Orange Chicken

  • Crispy Tofu

  • Crispy Dumplings (5pc)

  • Sweet Potato Fries

CRISPY CHICKEN (Serves 7 ~ 8)

Includes your choice of steamed rice, egg noodles, or salad

(Plates are not included)


(Serves 7 ~ 8)








The Events Order Department will be closed on Saturday 12/24/2022 ~ Sunday 12/25/2022 and 12/30/22 ~ 1/1/2022 . To place an order for Friday 12/23 please contact your local CHA.

The Events Department hours of operation are Monday ~ Thursday from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

If your order is a few weeks/months away, please submit your form and a member of our team will contact you shortly. We always try our best to respond as soon as possible.

For urgent assistance or to place an order on Thursdays after 4 PM, please contact your local CHA.**

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Event Form

** Early pickup: pick up before the following available hours is possible with additional charge $75/hr. 

*Boba is best served within 3hrs of pick up.

CLICK HERE for Menu & Rental Items

**Teas are served in a gallon bottle.

Drink dispensers available for rental upon availability.

Thank you for your inquiry. We've received your form, and our party specialist will be in touch soon to plan your order.

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