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Various boba drinks in colorful cups with straws at a festive party.

The Event Department hours of operation are Monday ~ Thursday from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

If your order is a few weeks/months away, please submit your form and our event order specialist will contact you. We always try our best to respond as soon as possible.

For orders placed on Thursday after 4 PM, we will contact you on the following Monday. If you need immediate assistance, please contact your local Cha directly.

CLICK HERE for Event Order Menu & Rental Items Available

Notes: Cha teas are served in a gallon bottle. Drink dispensers are available for rental upon availability.

1 gallon makes 10 (16 oz.) or 13 (12 oz) drinks/cups and we suggest to order 10 boba servings per gallon.

Please submit all large order requests as soon as possible. 

Irvine: University Center Event Form

** If you can't find your desired pickup time, early pickup is possible with additional $75/hr charge.  

Drinks & Food items you are considering:

Choose Tea Flavors:

Jasmine Green Tea ($35.00)
Mango Green Tea ($39.00)
Peach Passion Green Tea ($39.00)
Peach Green Tea ($39.00)
Peach Refresher ($39.00)

Classic Black Milk Tea ($39.00)
Honey Green Milk Tea ($40.00)
Almond Black Milk Tea ($40.00)
Thai Milk Tea ($40.00)
Taro Milk Tea ($40.00)

Choose Toppings

Choose Food Tray(s):

Party Tray - Appetizers ($39.00) (serves 5~6)
Party Tray - Crispy Chicken ($63.00) (serves 9~10)

Party Tray - Crispy Chicken + 1 Side ($92.00)  (serves 9~10)
Party Tray - Crispy Dumplings (25pc) ($33.00)  (serves 8~9)

Thank you for your inquiry. We've received your form, and our party specialist will be in touch soon to plan your order.

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